The Luxury Yacht industry is at an all time high!

So, you may be an owner of a mid-sized yacht looking for possible extra income from possible chartering or a specialized service of brokers that has a collection of yachts that need to be properly advertised for charter, we are the perfect place for you to begin from.

Thus, for owners and brokers of luxury yachts around the world, the listings service at is not only one that offers the least fees, but offers them a direct connection and link to prospective customers around the globe.

Firstly, the rates for listing a yacht is totally FREE*, meaning that yacht owners and brokers can successfully list their vessels for FREE* on a portal that attracts a large number of prospective customers. Whereas the low fee itself is a massive attraction, there are a whole host of other advantages that yacht owners can accrue from listing on the service

*Special Broker/Owner fee for the first Yacht chartered thanks to is low as just 5%. Then a 10% commission fee is applied for any chartered yacht consecutively. The fees structure allow maintain the Yachts Charter Search Engine Listing up to date and promote all the yachts worldwide trough online marketing, magazine and events.


Currently we have more than a 500 Yachts up for charter including those among the most impressive ones worldwide.

From the perspective of service providers and boat owners, offers a number of key benefits.

Following are some of these points that add tremendous value to service providers using the listings service:

  • Direct exposure to international prospective buyers. The number of prospective visitors to the website has grown over time, meaning that more and more prospective end-buyers are on the look-out for finding the perfect charter for themselves.

  • Readily available web-tools that save time and increase efficiency. Using the available resources that the listings space provides, the information can be streamlined to look attractive to prospective buyers.

  • We also offer on the side added business Development solutions that help generate leads.

  • Integration with specialists in the industry through robust marketing & networking.

  • Mechanisms that allow for featuring of certain yachts and ships

  • Exceptionally easy work-flow and design allowing for crisp visualization instantly even in mobile web browser.

  • Mobile Friendly Web Design to reach any user on the go is supported by useful social media sharing tools.

The professional experts managing the yachts listing have an insider view on the most luxurious and in-demand yachts.


This information is package in an extremely user friendly and beautiful manner that adds fire to the desires of affluent people. With extensive influence around the world, utilizes its superior network to provide up-to-date and real time information on the yachts on the market to the clients who are on the lookout for such yachts. In a nutshell then, the listings available benefits both the providers of such charter yachts and the prospective customers on the hunt for the perfect charter.

Also, it is important to understand how the listings system works. The following is a brief work-flow of how thing go on the platform:

  • The first step in the process is for the yacht broker or the owner to provide us with the web domain link for the company’s yacht charter. This link would allow us to fetch all the requisite information, including pictures, history and other facts needed for a yacht to be displayed on the portal itself. Importantly, the pictures of the yachts on our portal are completely white-labeled to dispel notions of favoritism; hence, the company logos (in pictures, if any) are removed before being put up on the website itself.

  • There may be a case in which the domain link itself doesn’t provide all the information needed before the yacht can be put up on the system. In such a scenario, the charter company is bound to send in all the requisite information missing through email, before the yacht can be put up.

  • To give clients the maximum exposure and to increase the chances for owners and brokers, we invest heavily in social and online marketing techniques. With specialist marketers on board, we make sure that the campaigns are run in a manner which leverage in an ever increasing international market.

  • Our services offer tremendous value in terms of chartering opportunities and sales to prospective boat owners and brokers, we only charge a menial 5% as a fixed for the first yacht booked at any yacht company and then just the 10% all the consecutive. This charge is not only better (lower) than our competitors, but also allows us to work on your behalf seamlessly to get the best possible traction and visibility in the diversified chartering customer base of the world.

  • We also try and offer different direct and indirect services to the brokers and owners of yachts hoping to use the system to attract sales and leads. Services include things such as competition analysis, market oversight, general conditions in the yachting industry, business news and all other important and related bits for clients and customers alike.


The competence of our professional staff, coupled with years of experience in the yachting industry has materialized into this well rounded and perfect platform, that connects you, the owners and brokers with a huge expanse of prospective clients worldwide.

Added to the platform is inquiry form area which gives both the potential customers and the owners a direct connection with our experienced staff, which is more than capable of handling queries directed towards them in all forms of yachting related activities. This channel of communication allows for a two- way stream of information that gives all stakeholders a better and well rounded insight of the benefits that the marketplace provides.

From a prospective customer’s perspective, the catalogue of more than a 500 super-yachts offers a wide array of choices and options. Along with a whole host of pictures and information, this not only gives a complete picture to the clients looking for the right charter, but also makes it easy for him/her to make the best possible decision.

More and more people are increasingly looking towards getting a yacht for themselves, resulting in an ever expanding market for yacht owners and brokers who offer services in the industry.

The market has expanded tremendously since 2013, with good growth percentages all round. The trends show that there is more activity in the market. Overall, a positive trends are both sound and reflective of the changing tides in the industry.

The year 2014 provided a lot of activity for the luxury yacht market. With 160 confirmed deliveries to owners world-wide, the largest sold was more than 140 meters in length, whereas the average size came up to around 39 meters. At a cursory glance, these are numbers that show resurgence in the industry as compared to the first couple of years of this new decade.


Whereas these numbers tell a story, it is important to first understand what exactly a Luxury Yacht is. These in essence are high-quality, high-priced boats that have a sense of presence and opulence about them. Used by the wealthy to not only travel from A to B in, they are also widely used as luxury resting and residing areas on the open waters. In essence they are the sea equivalents of private jets in the air.

The worldwide yacht numbers have soared considerably ever since the start of this decade. Coming in at different sizes, quality & prices, more of these luxury machines have been built in the past few years for millionaires & billionaires around the world. Whereas the ownership of such boats itself is something that very few can aspire too, there is a whole market out there for well-to-do people chartering and renting out these luxury boats for specific time periods at end. This is what is known in the industry as yacht chartering – the practice of renting a luxury yacht and using it to either travel across the open seas to a number of different coastal areas and islands, or simply using it as a home on the open seas over a weekend. At the same time, such yachts are also chartered by corporate clients and companies for hosting events and parties for staff, guests and clients.

The chartered market as a whole continues to expand at a ferocious rate, with more and more people paying companies and yacht owners’ considerable sums to get hold of a chartered yacht. With increased penetration of technology, the market place for such chartered vessels has become digital at a swift pace.

Thus, if you’re looking to vacation, cruise, or host an event, then nothing compares to the amazing experience of chartering a yacht to take out on the open waters. At TopSuperYachts, we host listings for the finest yachts available for chartering in the sea. We have yachts of any size, motor or sail, and all listing inquiries are free to make. On our site you’ll find high quality images and a detailed description with specifications of every ship.

Thus, in a nutshell, it is one of the best listings space online for yacht brokers and owners worldwide. The immense reach of the system coupled with an ever increasing number of prospective buyers and clients signing up on the system allow for direct and indirect marketing and increased selling opportunities at a fraction of the rate. This is something that just isn’t possible in a traditional market for luxury yachts.


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